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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental threats to public health. Studies have shown that pollutant levels indoors are often 2 - 5 times higher than those found outdoors….are you providing a safe workplace?

Today most people think nothing of spending thousands of dollars on bottled water to reduce their intake of water based pollutants but don't think about the high concentration of airborne pollutants that you breathe in every day at your workplace or in your home.

SafeAir Corporation is a leader in providing air filtration and environmental products to a wide range of Government, Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications. We have helped set new standards for indoor air quality that has led to protecting thousands of workers and their workplace environments. SafeAir would like to help you identify and improve your indoor air quality, reduce the adverse health effects, lower worker compensation claims, reduce high insurance premiums, union grievances and housekeeping costs that poor indoor air quality can lead to. Our team of nationally located IAQ experts with over 200 years of combined experience can solve almost any indoor air quality problem you may have.

We welcome you to our website and look forward to hearing from you via phone or email. We stand ready to service all your indoor air quality needs now and in the near future.

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