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"Applications" refers to a technology or procedure implemented to control one specific air quality issue manifested in the workplace. An industrial site may produce one product, yet the manufacturing procedures involve multiple processes in the product evolution. For example, if the product manufacturing process requires machining, there is an application to control metal dust and filings, yet a secondary application may be required to address the oil mist vapors from the metal coolant. This would require two air control, filtration or purification applications within the one site or physical plant.

SafeAir Corporation can design and implement a myriad of workplace applications to provide you with the necessary air control, filtering and purification technologies for your individual needs. We can ensure that your plant environment meets OSHA workplace recommendations for you and your employees. The applications SafeAir can address include:

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Industrial Dust is created through many processes. This problem can be manifested through metal manufacturing processes including aluminum and steel; sanding / finishing operations, blasting with abrasives; metal buffing and polishing operations; medical grade ceramic production; grain handling; fiberglass fabrication; tool grinding; paper trimming; pharmaceutical coatings; plasma cutting and printer toner just to name a few.

Dust control application solutions would include consideration of Reverse Pulse Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors, Downdraft Table Wet Dust Collectors, Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors, Cyclone Style Dust Collectors, Cabinet Style Dust Storage with Pullout Dust Drawers; 4-Bag Open Style After Filters, or Self-Contained Environmental Control Booths. SafeAir Corporation will assist you in selecting the appropriate control system as well as designing, installing and maintaining your air control system.

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Firehouse and EMS operations require the use of fire trucks and ambulances that can be started up and idled within the physical building.These vertical stack vehicles can generate large volumes of diesel smoke and exhaust.

Filtration considerations for this type of application to accomplish smoke and exhaust remediation would include Plymovent systems to provide virtually 100% tail pipe seal, reliable automatic tail pipe nozzle release and increased air flow. Other considerations may include Plymovent VSR and STR rail systems, Pressure Sensing Starting Controls, Blower(s) and Vertical Discharge Combination Backdraft Damper Discharge.

SafeAir Corporation is a leader in the Fire / EMS air filtration and purification industry. We can design and install a system and controls to safeguard the health of your first responders.

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Automotive Repair facilities and Fleet Maintenance operations require the start up and idling of a variety of small engines, gasoline engines, and diesel engines within the physical building.The major health consideration would be exposure to vehicle exhaust, smoke and benzene.

Filtration considerations for this type of application to accomplish smoke and exhaust remediation would include Plymovent systems to remove dangerous exhaust and fumes. Other considerations may include Plymovent VSR and STR rail systems, Pressure Sensing Starting Controls, Blower(s) and Vertical Discharge Combination Backdraft Damper Discharge.

SafeAir Corporation is a leader in air filtration and purification for automotive exhaust remediation. We can design and install a system that will lessen or remove exposures for your mechanics and fleet maintenance employees.

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Autotive body repair shops can generate heavy amounts of airborne body filler and metal sanding dust from auto body repair and the paint prep process. Rust and paint removal by blasting with abrasives generate a host of dangerous particulates and airborne contaminants as well.

Filtration and or removal considerations for this type of application might include self-contained Ambient Air Cleaners, Intermittent Duty Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors, Capture Hoods, Downdraft Tables, or possibly a High Pressure Cartridge Filter Dust Collector. SafeAir Corporation can help you to get your plant's grinding and sanding dust under control. You will be happy and your employees will thank you.

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Mist and smoke from oils and coolants being used in your metal cooling operations contain dangerous levels of harmful substances, chemical by-products and airborne contaminants. This mist and smoke can lead to serious health issues resulting in increased worker illness and poor worker attendance.

You can improve your worker safety and productivity by considering filtration and purification technology including self-contained Mist Collector Air Filtration, Cartridge Filter Mist Collection Units, Machine Mountable Containment Units, Source Capture Air Cleaners, Ambient Air Cleaners and Portable Air Cleaners. SafeAir will design and install a filtration strategy and solution for your machining operation.

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Foundry operations can generate large amounts of fumes and odors. Laboratory scientific testing on soil and other material samples using various types of chemicals lead to contaminants and odors that become airborne.

Backdraft-Style Hoods, Ductwork, Self-Support Fume Extraction Arms, Backward Inclined Fiberglass Blowers and possibly Blower Discharge Stack Heads are all considerations for this air removal application.

SafeAir Corporation will provide a design solution as well as install and service your air extraction and filtration products. We can also provide regular preventative maintenance for your plant or operation.

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Hoods and ductwork help to contain and transport smoke, dust, vapors and fumes from your workplace.

SafeAir has a number of manufacturers who will supply you with the necessary equipment to remediate your particular need.

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Metal fabrication and welding require source welding fume ventilation for welding smoke that can contain particulates and hexavalent chrome from stainless steel.

The best selection for filtration and/or extraction would include Fume Extraction Arms, Portable Cartridge Filter Air Cleaner with Fume Extraction Arm and Cartridge Filter and Source Capture Filtration Units. The flexibility of portable equipment can allow for ease of system movement throughout the job shop along with source capture of particulate. SafeAir can provide this equipment at a competitive price.

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Airborne wood dust can be generated from sawing operations, power sanding and hand sanding. Millwork operations can generate large amounts of hardwood dust from the operation of multiple molding machines and wide-belt sanders.

Wood dust extraction and cuttings can be controlled through the use of Continuous Duty Bag House Dust Collectors, Rotary Air Locks, Reverse-Pulse Baghouse Dust Collectors, Round Style Self-Cleaning Dust Collectors and  Intermittent Duty Auto Filter Shaker Bag Filter Dust Collectors.

SafeAir Corporation can provide the wood dust solution you need for your school or workplace.

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