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SafeAir Corporation utilizes the best Air Filtration and Environmental products available in the industry. We offer Commercial Air Cleaners, Extraction Arms, Dust Collectors, Paint/Fume Booths, Downdraft Tables, Vehicle Exhaust Systems and much, much more! We supply, install and maintain the following products from these fine manufacturers:

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Downdraft Tables • Extraction Arms/Hoods Spark Arrester • Mobile/Stationary Filters • Fans • Hoses & Nozzles • Hose Reels & Drops • Rail Systems • Smoking Cabins • Kitchen Fume Filters • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Dust Collectors • Mist Collectors • Air Cleaners • Commercial Air Cleaners • Portable Collectors • Extraction Arms • Downdraft Tables • Dust Booths • Paint/Fume Booths • High Vacuum Units • Vehicle Exhaust Systems • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Ductwork & Accessories Quick-Fit single lever clamp-together w/ sealing gasket ducting, rolled edge design, five-foot lengths, laser welded seam in Galvanized, Stainless Steel & Aluminum ranging in diameters from 3" - 24". Easy/Fast installation, clean-out & reinstall without tools. Excellent for industry needs for collection and removal of Dust, Fume or Mist • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Hoses & Accessories for dust collection in Wood, Metal & General • Food & Pharma FDA acceptable food grade, crushable & processor exhaust • Material handling Granule transport & Oil mist extraction • High, medium and low temperature fabric hoses for hot gases, corrosive fumes and air movement • Vehicle exhaust for Pull-Up/Hose Reel systems, & Engine exhaust fumes • Toxic fume hoses for Paint-spray, Weld & Chemical fume • Air movement hoses for HVAC systems, Portable & Construction ventilation • High Temperature hose for Foundries, Furnaces & Dryers
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Extended Surface Pleated Panel & Pocket Filters • Disposable, Automatic Roll, Bulk Media & Washable Filters • Carbon & Gas Phase Filters • Air Filter Housings • Rigid Air Filters • Minipleat Filters • Internally Supported Panel Filters• HEPA Filters • Minipleat HEPA Filters • Cartridge Filters • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Downdraft Tables • Dust Control Booths • Dry or Wet Dust Collectors • Ambient Air Cleaners • Push-Pull Regain Air Systems • Downdraft/Backdraft Workstations • Wet Type Collectors Ducted Tables or Booths • Blow-Off/ Decontamination Booths • Cartridge, Separator & Baghouse Dust Collectors • Cartridge, Disposable Panel, Water-Based & Multi-Stage Filter Systems • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Stationary & Portable Vacuum Systems • Vacuum Producers • Filter Units • Pre-Separators • Discharge Arrangements • Tubing Systems • Work Station Equipment • Control Systems • Mobile Dust Extractors • Accessories • Filters • Air Cleaners • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Cartridge Dust Collectors • Environmenta • Booth Dust Collectors • Robotic Weld Cell Collectors • Downdraft Tables • Backdraft Benches • Compact Cartridge Dust Collectors • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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CO2 Ventilation Control • Refrigerant Detection / Management • Dew Point & Moisture Control • Parking Garage Ventilation • Air Flow Measurement • Industrial Humidity Control • Hazardous Gas • Portable & Personal Monitoring • Products designed to control, communicate and monitor system with language & protocol to include Voltage or mA outputs, LonWorks®, BACnet®, Ethernet / WiFi / TCP-IP • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Fume Hoods • Walk-In Fume Hoods • Dual Entry Fume Hoods • Ductless Table Top Hoods • Canopy Hoods • Universal Fume Hood • Demo Hoods • Vented Enclosures • Laminar Flow HEPA Enclosures • Containment Control Systems • Modular Labs & Rooms • Workstation Benches & Surfaces • Acid Storage Cabinet • Hood Fire Extinguishers • Safety Stations • Emergency Safety Showers • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Diesel Emission Control • (DPF) Diesel Particulate Filter
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Laser Fume • Electronics Fume • Fume Cabinet • Printing Fume • Dental Fume • Beauty Fume • Pharmaceutical Fume • Mobile Fume Extraction • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Cartridge Filters And Intake Filters For • Dust Collection • Powder Coating • Compressor Intakes • Blower and Vacuum Filters • Gas Turbine Filters • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Custom Hoses • Breathing Hoses and Tubes • Bellows, Boots & Sleeves • Air Intake Hoses & Tubes • Scuba & Rebreather • Farm & Seed Tubes • Drain Hoses & Tubes • Military • Medical • Exhaust Hoses • Containment Boots
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Gas Monitoring Demand Control Ventilation Systems • Products designed to control, communicate and monitor system with virtually any BAS including BACnet® • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Centrifugal Blowers & Fans • Axial Fans • Custom Fans & Blowers • Dust Collectors • Portable Fume Exhausters • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Agricultural fans • Belt drive fans • Evaporative cooling • Fiberglass fans • Accessories • Shutters • Direct drive fans • Power tube fans • Power roof ventilators Commercial/Industrial Fans • Wall fans • Upblast axial prv • Upblast/recirculation fans • Hooded axial prv • Hooded supply axial prv • Filtered hooded supply axial prv • Hooded reversible axial prv • Spun aluminum axial prv • Tube axial fans • Make up air fan • Vane axial fans • Axial Accessories • Upblast centrifugal prv • Domed centrifugal prv • Wall centrifugal fan • Mixed flow fans • In-line centrifugal fans • Centrifugal filtered supply prv • Centrifugal blowers • Gravity vents • Ceiling fans • Inline cabinet fan • Centrifugal Accessories • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Exhaust Switch Stainless Steel Exhaust Air Diverter Automatically Controls Power Damper Motors to Direct Exhaust Emissions to either the Stack Pipe (Vertical) and/or the Tail Pipe (Undercarriage left-right-rear). In cab switch upon activation, controls power supply (12VDC) to the damper.
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EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant • Food Contact Sanitizer-No Rinse Required-NSF Registered(D2) Sanitizer • Mold & Mildew Killer up to 7 months on Hard Surfaces & Fabric • Allergen Eliminator • Odor Eliminator • NO (VOCs) - pH balanced @ 8.5 • Kills 99.999% of bacteria • Possible LEED® Rating Points
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Safe Air Corporation Central Ventilation Controller Model WD-4E-UL Controls and Interlocks Multiple Fan Motors and will Monitor External Gas Sensors while providing Visual and Audible Alarm Warning Signals should a threshold level of Gasses be Detected, Loss of Power or Dirty Filter • Possible LEED® Rating Points

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