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SafeAir Corporation's experienced factory trained service technicians will service and maintain all types of air filtration systems that provide clean fresh air to you and your coworkers. For over twenty years, SafeAir has been supplying technical support and onsite service for all brands and types of air filtration systems such as air cleaners, dust collectors, odor control and vehicle exhaust removal systems. SafeAir can set you up on a monthly Filter Replacement Program, Annual Safety Inspection Program or On Call Service. If you are a "do it yourself " type company, SafeAir can provide you with technical phone support and service parts for your service projects. Our company has over 100 years of combined experience in servicing indoor air quality and outdoor filtration systems. We ask you to call today and let use help you save time and money in providing your air filtration needs.

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Air Filter / Bag House Service

SafeAir technicians can provide onsite filter change outs for your ventilation, air cleaners or dust collector systems. We provide replacement filters and the manpower to service your units back to  “like new” performance. Our most popular filter services are for cartridges, bag-filters, pleats, HEPA and bulk carbon.

Call today to get a quote on your service needs.


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Emergency Vehicle Exhaust System Service

SafeAir/PlymoVent was the pioneer of Exhaust Removal Systems for Fire and EMS applications and has more systems in North America then all other competitive air filtration companies combined. We not only service our SafeAir/PlymoVent Source Capture Systems and our SafeAir/ Airflow Filtration Systems but we also service and maintain all other brands. If you are a Fire or EMS Department and not happy with your current equipment and need service…. we can help.

Call today for the service and support you deserve.


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Blower Repair and Energy Saving Controls

SafeAir has designed and saved many clients millions of dollars in energy and equipment costs by the redesigning of their existing ventilation/dust collector systems poor performance. We can reduce the peak demand and reduce your total brake horse power demand by energy saving controls that we manufacture and supply. If you operate a blower motor 50 hp or larger on your ventilation/dust collector, we can save you thousands of dollars a year and assist you in obtaining state or federal energy credits and leed points for the system installation.

Call today to get a free energy survey on your system.


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Safety Inspection Program

SafeAir has worked with clients and code enforcement agencies to develop a Safety Inspection Program that is tailored for source capture or filtration systems that are tied to life safety ventilation systems. These systems are capturing or filtering smoke, dust or gases that are known or suspected cancer agents, listed by IRAC, NIOSH, OSHA and the ACGIH. Some of the offenders are diesel exhaust, lead dust, oil smoke/mist, and silica dust. The Safety Inspection Program entails making annual or bi annual visits to your site to perform a 30 point detailed inspection on your equipment, make all necessary repairs and write a detailed report on the outcome of your service. This allows you peace of mind that you are meeting the standards of insurance, risk management, or OSHA/EPA agencies.

Call today to have our service group review your system.


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Ventilation Hood / Ductwork Repairs

SafeAir can work with your company to repair old or damaged ventilation systems. We can provide replacement parts or install new sheet metal that will get you up and running. We know that lost production time costs you time and money. We have next day stocks of Quick Fit ductwork from 2" to 12" dia. and can ship larger diameter ductwork in 3 to 5 days. Most ductwork systems are under sized or in need of repairs. SafeAir designs our system in Auto-Cad 2013 and can redesign your system to improve performance and reduce energy loss.

Call today for help with ductwork design and prices on new ductwork.


We provide field service and maintenance for most brands of equipment including the following:

  • Air Cleaners

  • Absolent

  • Airflow Systems

  • Aercology

  • Air King

  • Austin Air

  • Cloud 9

  • Filt Air

  • Honeywell

  • Industrial Maid

  • Micro Air

  • Plymovent

  • Roto Vent

  • Smog Hog

  • Smokeeter

  • Tepco

  • Trion

  • Dust Collectors/Vacuums

  • Torit/Donaldson

  • Carter/Day

  • AGET

  • Air Sentry / AFS

  • Air Filtration Systems / AFS

  • American Air Filter (AAF)

  • Farr

  • Filter-1

  • DCE

  • Dust Hog

  • Murphy-Rodgers

  • Sternvent

  • Vac-U-Max

  • Nilfisk

  • Pyradia-Belfab

  • United Air Specialists

  • Vehicle Exhaust Removal

  • Plymovent

  • Nederman

  • Carmon

  • Monoxivent

  • Vent Air

  • Ascent

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